Aug 1, 2012

Internship in Paris at Norman Studios

Sometimes stuff happens in a weird way.

I had contact with Cinesite and Rise VFX about internship. But things got prolonged, and in the end nothing was really happening. To be honest I love VFX but my main interest is cartoons and feature film in that area.

So I heard a little bit about a project called "The Little Prince", which where being made in Europe. Directed by Mark Osborne (Kong Fu Panda). Which sounded really cool, but I didn't know how to get in contact with them. My coordinator went to the film festival in Annecy. And apperently she meet somebody from Norman Studios, and they was working on "The Little Prince" and an other feature called "Mune". When she got back from Annecy she asked if she should sent my showreel as well. Even though I was still waiting for response from Cinesite and Rise VFX. I didn't really hear everything she said because she was talking to my classmates, but I just figured why not.

A couple of weeks later me and Bo, a classmate of mine, was selected for a internship at Norman Studios.

So now here I'm in Paris. Just to keep you updated. I can't show what I been working on, but both projects are really awesome.

Have a nice summer.

The pitch: "What would happen if the sun did not rise one morning? Or if the moon just ran off and forgot to light up the stars and the night sky? From the creators of Kung Fu Panda and some of the most charming digital animations of our times comes a magical tale of loveable Mune, the moon’s keeper, who fights to restore the world when the evil forces of darkness steal the Sun! He may speak softly and tread gently, but his love for the moon and the woman of his dreams turns him into the unstoppable hero he was meant to be! A heartwarming story for the entire family."

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