Nov 15, 2012

Meet Ripley

WTF? It's already November. This means that it's almost half a year ago since I last updated this blog. It's time for my half-a-yearly-blog-update. I recently finished my internship, which means I finally have some time on my hands to explore different things.

The last week I been working on a character I think he is funny, and quite cool. His name is Ripley, and he is part of a project I'm working on in my spare time. I had the chance to test out a new work flow on this image, which Adam Duff made a great tutorial on. Feedback is welcome, but I'm probably not going to change too much, because I already used way too much time on it. Still it's good to know for future pictures. Also I wanted to test out my Intous 5 Wacom (Yes you heard right ;D lol), the touch feature is still a bit weird to me, maybe I will get used to it.

I learned a lot from this workflow, and that is the most important thing. I will try it out again I think.

 Have a great pre-Friday.


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